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About David Raitt
What's New

the Raitt family - John, Bonnie, and David performing onstage together

~ About David Raitt

David Raitt has been making music in Mendocino County, CA for over 25 years. Originally from Southern California, he began playing drums, bass, flute, guitar and harmonica as a young boy. Raised in a musical family headed by Broadway legend, John Raitt, and pianist / singer wife, Marge, he played in a series of bands as a teenager and eventually played stand up bass with his sister Bonnie when she began her career in the East coast coffee houses in 1970.

~ What's New

David Raitt performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival with Sister Bonnie as well as accompanied her on harp in Sydney, Australia at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival in N.S.W. Australia

He also sang recently with Richie Blue at the Ukiah Brewery in Ukiah, CA.  David and Richie player together years ago in the Eclectics.  


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~ Recordings

Check out some samples from David Raitt's albums and productions!

Closer To You:

The latest CD includes recent recordings from David’s new beach Studio vill Del Faro Baja, as well as earlier works never before on CD  from Russian River Studios and City of Light Studios in Lakeport. An Eclectic mix of Pop, R&B, Soul.

  • Your My Lady (Track 02) [MP3]
  • Driven By The Wind (Track 03) [MP3]
  • Blues a' Rockin (Track 04) [MP3]
  • Volcano (Track 06) [MP3]

A long-awaited collection of Studio and Live recordings of  Swing Blues and country and a blend of David and Kelly’s original works never before on CD. Gems include ”Left your Shoes Behind” written and sung by Kelly, "Ticks”s Suck" performed live from the Lyme Desease benefit, and the Thansgiving song “Love of Friends” warms the heart.

  • When I'm Around (Track 01) [MP3]
  • Bye Bye Sally (Track 03) [MP3]
  • Left Your Shoes Behind (Track 04) [MP3]
  • Heartwood (Track 11) [MP3]
That's It:
David Raitt and Jimmy Thackery

  • I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled and Crazy (Track 01) [MP3]
  • Watch Your Back (Track 07) [MP3]
  • That's It (Track 10) [MP3]
  • Dirty and In Love (Track 012) [MP3]
Broadway Legend
John Raitt with Bonnie Raitt

  • Oklahoma Overture (Track 01) [MP3]
  • If I Loved You (Track 02) [MP3]
  • Thank Heaven For Little Girls (Track 03) [MP3]
  •  They Say It's Wonderful (Track 04) [MP3]
  • Anything You Can Do (Track 05) [MP3]
Take A Chance:

1996 Debut Solo Album with Garth Webber, Spencer Brewer, The New Mendocino All-Stars and David's brother, Steve, sister, Bonnie and father, John; Green Wave

  • Late For Me (Track 03)
    [ra] 20.4 sec, 40kB    [au] 20.4 sec, 440kB
  • Take A Chance (Track 04)
    [ra] 20.5 sec, 41kB    [au] 20.5 sec, 441kB
  • Homeless (Track 06)
    [ra] 20.7 sec, 41kB    [au] 20.7 sec, 447kB
New Mendocino All-Stars:

The New Mendocino All-Stars and Special Guest Bonnie Raitt; Green Wave
  • Don't Take the Love (Track 01)
    [ra] 10 sec, 22kB    [au] 10 sec, 248kB
  • Baby I'm Yours (Track 04)
    [ra] 21 sec, 46kB    [au] 21 sec, 512kB

"This collection represents a wide variety of great, homegrown music from some of Mendocino's finest and best local musicians. I've been listening to my brother and many incarnations of his band for nearly twenty-five years and, like a lot of great original music, it's hard to pin down to any one particular style. I've always found that an eclectic, groove-based sound is what makes my own music cut across boundaries, and I think this is one reason people have kept coming back to listen and dance to the "All-Stars" all these years. They've got a really unique blend of singers, players and songwriting that on this wonderful new record really captures the spirit and soul of Mendocino county. It was a real treat to be a part of this project, especially as it will also help raise awareness and support for the protection of our beautiful forests. I suggest you kick back and check it out."

~Bonnie Raitt

Friendship Stew:
(by David Raitt and Tony Rutledge)

1992 Kid Heart Records

  • Stinky Feet (Track 01)
    [ra] 19 sec, 40kB    [au] 19 sec, 446kB
  • Friendship Stew (Track 02)
    [ra] 18 sec, 39kB    [au] 18 sec, 429kB
  • Snap Out of It (Track 03)
    [ra] 22 sec, 46kB    [au] 22 sec, 512kB
  • School Time Blues (Track 04)
    [ra] 23 sec, 46kB    [au] 23 sec, 512kB

~ Appearances

David Raitt is featured on the following recordings:

1987, Cold-hearted Girl
with Charlie Musslewhite, John Lee Hooker and Roy Rogers; Blue Rocket Records.

1988, Little World
with Gene Parsons and Bonnie Raitt; Big Tree Records.

1990, Forests Forever
with Pat and Mark Ford, Keith Gaudette and Marilvn DeFrange; Green Wave.

1993, Ca. Dept. of Education Music Video.

Thing Called Love, a Musical About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

~ Contact

interested parties should contact:

David Raitt
P.O.Box 18
Talmage, CA 95481
Call: (707) 468-0876

Ken Ingels
c/o Russian River Records
PO Box 516
Talmage, CA 95481

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