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Navarro, 2010
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~ II Big is in the studio now, recording their latest, all-blues CD:

coming Spring, 2017

~ About II Big

Brand New Classic Rock!

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A mainstay on the Northern California music scene since 1994, II BIG has been through various personnel changes over the years, but the original vision of founder and drummer Ken Ingels has never wavered—these guys come to rock!

Whether they’re playing a smoky little bar in their hometown of Ukiah or before 5,000 opening for legendary rockers in the outdoor theatre of Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa in Kelseyville, the dynamic fivesome puts on a show worthy of their status as regional legends. Over the course of hundreds of gigs, II BIG has opened for a veritable who’s who of classic rock: Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, Loverboy, Grand Funk Railroad, Joe Walsh, REO Speedwagon, Ted Nugent, Jeff Healy, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Styx.

The vibe was more AC/DC and Van Halen-like in the early days with the original members, but once guitarists and lead singers Aubrey Hansen and Indiana Slim joined, II BIG has drawn crowds from miles around to hear a sound that Aubrey calls “Brand New Classic Rock.” The band is huge on the festival, fair and rodeo circuit, playing everywhere from the Bay Area to Reno and Eureka, where they recently played the Live at the Boardwalk series.

“Although our audience seems to be made up of people of all ages, we’re most popular with those folks who grew up with the sounds of classic Eagles, Bob Seger and ZZ Top,” says Ingels. “When we play live, we mix in some covers with our originals, anything from Jim Croce to Eddie Money and Marshall Tucker, but whatever we’re doing, Aubrey puts a boogie on everything he plays. We’re always out there having a blast.”

Each of the four current members brings the passion and perfectionism of the other work in their lives to the incredible band chemistry. A stalwart in the construction business, Aubrey Hansen works as a concrete foreman when not wailing on guitar. Derek Soderquist returns with his powerful bass lines to give the rhythm section a solid kick in the lower end. Indiana Slim has played guitar alongside countless musical legends in his full-time professional career. Ken Ingels runs a vineyard business and also works with some of the region’s top musicians at his Russian River Studios; he formed the label Russian River Records in 1994 with David Raitt, brother of legendary singer Bonnie Raitt.

“Each individual member is truly an artist in his own right,” says Ingels. “Their other specialties in life tie in perfectly with the artistry they bring to the band. But music is truly our sanctuary, and when we’re not out playing, we’re enjoying the creative energy we create in the studio. It’s just very enjoyable hanging out with these guys. When we say it’s ‘Brand New Classic Rock,’ essentially it’s about carrying forward the rich legacy of that classic sound everyone knows and loves.”

All of II BIG’s releases, including Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, Like It II Much, II Big For The Radio, Sound Of The Highway, Face in the Glass, and their latest Git Up and Go, are available via outlets like CD Baby, Amazon and The Orchard. The band also has its entire catalog of over 100 songs on iTunes.

Aubrey Hansen stands up front with his solid guitar playing and soulful vocals that can bring tears to your eyes, as well as make you get up and dance—transferring the heart of any tune right to the listener's soul.

Ken Ingels' drumming provides a solid rhythmic foundation for II BIG's sound with a style reminiscent of John Bonham. Drummers of this caliber are one in a million!

Derek Soderquist has quietly perfected his craft with various club bands in Northern California over the years, and brings smooth harmonies and solid bass to every tune.

Indiana Slim snagged his guitar snake oil juice directly from his cousin, Lonnie Mack. Fully accomplished in many musical styles from rock & roll, rock-a-billy, country and blues, he has rocked with such classic performers from Jerry Lee Lewis and Bo Diddley to Billy Idol and countless Blues Legends. He has grooved alongside numerous top bands including the Allman Brothers, the Outlaws, the Doobie Brothers, Leon Russell, and Johnny Winter.

II Big: l-r Indiana Slim, Aubrey Hansen, Ken Ingels, Derek Soderquist

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In the Studio, 2009-10

Rising Stars, 2009


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^ Redwood Run 2012 with II Big by LuckyKnox on Vimeo

^ "Git Up and Go, live"

^ "Gnawbone"

"Always in Trouble"

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Our Upcoming CD

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"Black Cat Bone"


II Big in the top 15 of AirPlayDirect's Top 50 Rock Albums
March 2016

June 26th, 2015: Record-Bee Entertainment

Classic Rock to Fill Library Park Tonight

from the 2012 CD "Git Up and Go"

Sept, 2009: MendoMusic Review

If you havent heard II Big, the question is.. where have you been? This group has been around the music scene for alot of years and it shows in their performance. They have stellar music writing skills and work as one unit when performing for their audience. Brothers Aubrey & Tom deliver not only on their music but dynamic vocals. Slim is a show on his own, moving and grooving with the music and leading the group through several blues numbers. Derek provides a deep bass rhythm that mixes all the music together.. and providing the beat for all the tunes is drummer Ken. Derek and Ken together provide a strong baseline for the whole II Big experience.

Find them playing in local venues near you and dont miss out on seeing these talented musicians entertain! They will have you dancing and moving from the first note!

May 2008: II Big is pleased to announce their rockin' new guitarist, Indiana Slim!!!

Indiana Slim honed his sizzling guitar and performing style in the heartland roots of the Midwest, directly absorbing first hand, the sounds of classic rock & roll, rock-a-billy, roadhouse country, and authentic blues. Throughout his career he played alongside countless rock & roll legends and classic rhythm and blues performers.

Bringing his diverse talents to the West Coast, Slim created the much accredited Top 20 classic R&B band Shakin Snakes producing and leading the band through three highly acclaimed CD's. He diversified his rootstock by creating the wild and raw juice rock-a-billy band Wine Drinkin Roosters producing two authentic "Sun Records" styled CD's much beloved by worldwide rock-a-billy fans.

Most recently, having performed with drummer, Ken Ingels, and appreciating the deep talent of II BIG with their exceptional original songwriting, vocal harmonies, and world class performing ability, Slim is more than ready to join forces with II BIG and amplify the sounds of Brand New Classic Rock & Roll!

CD Release, 2007:

II BIG's latest CD on Russian River Records, "Face In The Glass" features 10 songs that bring home the classic rock and roll sound that the world fell in love with.

Like the tracks on their popular previous recording, In a Mendocino Town, the songs on Face In The Glass are dynamic and new yet the vibe is comforting and familiar, with a hard rocking edge reminiscent of the classic rock we all love, laced with more than subtle hints of country and blues. Currently, six of the songs from the album are playing on over 1,700 stations around the country.

The originals range from the mid-tempo country rocker “Katrina,” which blends images of heavy weather with a love story, to the inspirational title track ballad about looking in the mirror and believing in oneself. The lone cover on the new album, the Crosby, Stills & Nash classic “Wooden Ships,” features the signature vocal harmonies that define the current sound of the band; the Hansen Brothers’ vocal textures are beautifully enhanced by those of Oakland based gospel vocalist Alfreda Lyon Campbell.

MuzikMan, 2003

II BIG has a name that is befitting their sound. Their sound is very big and so are a few of their members. Two of the original members Joel and Buck Jordon are both 6'5", and the new lead singer Aubrey Hanson is 6'5" as well. Having pillars like that on stage certainly puts their name "II BIG" into perspective. The music on II BIG's first 2 CDs has a hard rocking edge to it. Anyway you look at it, this band of seasoned veterans have an across-the-board appeal that is hard to ignore.

II BIG's sound is quite diverse. That kind of flexibility enables them to play all kinds of styles of original music. It gives them a uniqueness that is rare in a world full of watered down radio friendly hits. With two brothers writing and playing together creating sibling chemistry, it allows for a nice variety of musical flavor to develop. Their listeners are the classic rock crowds that typically attend country fairs, biker runs and casinos. They feel confident that they can play any group of people their music with a positive outcome. That kind of confidence and exuberance comes straight at you, loud and clear in their music, leaving no doubt of their abilities and prowess as musicians.

On releases "Like It II Much" and "II Big for the Radio," the boys knock some heads around with crunching guitars and forceful vocals to kick it all up another notch. I have no doubt, as a satisfied listener myself, that this band will continue to stay on a creative roll and make music that will remind of my teen years growing up in the '70s and I look forward to enjoying this great music for many years to come. This is a group that you will not ever see getting II Big for their britches; they are too down to earth for that kind of attitude. If they changed their chemistry and makeup, their sound would never be the same. I do not see anything like that happening with this band; they are a bunch of guys having fun playing music and appreciate the originality of their audiences.

a review of II Big from the Eureka Reporter 6/14/07:

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